2019 Hunter Classic

Update 13/06/19 Birds have had another 3 tosses this week, the plan is that next week they will have another 3 tosses next week except they will be released with my own birds to give them some experience before they go on their 1st Club toss on the 23/06/19. Update 04/06/19 Birds have now started the tossing program with 3 tosses last week. Currently this week in Newcastle we are having gale force winds with heavy extensive rain, hopefully we can start giving the birds another toss on Thursday weather permitting. Update 21/05/19 I have started sending out the accounts for any outstanding money owing I will be doing this over the next few nights. Birds will be starting their tossing as of next week starting on Monday 27/05/19 these will only be short tosses to start with then extending the distance as we start to get the birds ready for the program ahead of them. Update for the Hunter Classic Birds 13/05/19. To view birds in the loft please click on the 2019 Bird list on the main menu. The training of the birds has started with the birds out of the loft around 7.00am every morning. I am hoping to have the Benzing live program working for all the tosses and races so the owners can just download the Benzing live App to their mobile phone.This will allow owners to view all the tosses and races to view the perfomance of each bird as it happens. All results will still be downloaded onto the website once the clock has been closed off.

2019 Hunter Classic

The Newcastle Hunter Classic committee has made some changes for the 2019 Hunter Classic.

There are two main reasons:

To give the owners more opportunities to win prize money.

To have the birds better prepared for the 500km Classic race.

It has been decided to fly three races before the 500km event. These races will be from approximately 150km, 250km and 350km with the Classic birds being liberated with other pigeons if possible to provide cover. We plan on each of the three races having $2,000 prize money to be split between four prizes.

This amount will be dependent upon your continued support (300 full paying entries) we are confident that we can achieve this.


Total cost of $150 covers three lead up races and the Classic 500km race. $60 per bird payable on nomination and $90 payable when audit done in March/April 2019.


You can nominate one spare for every two nominated birds. $40 to be paid for each spare at the time of nomination. This amount covers costs such as electronic rings, vaccination, health products and general costs such as tossing etc. Most importantly it qualifies the spare to compete for prize money in the three lead up races. A spare bird can replace a lost nominated bird for the 500km Classic at no additional cost.

A spare bird that is not replacing a nominated bird can be activated for the final race by making a payment of $110.

Replacement Birds

If for any reason a bird needs to be replaced this can be done up until the end of January by the owner. If the owner can not supply a replacement bird the Hunter Classic will supply a bird for that owner.


The Benzing electronic timing system will be used to decide the winners of all races.  


We believe that these changes will make for a more interesting event with greater prize money available (for a small cost increase) and have birds at peak fitness for the final event.                                                                                

Main Race Prizemoney

1st $10,000, 2nd $2,500, 3rd $1,000, 4th $500.

5th Through to 10th Free entry for the following year race.

Main Race Prize Money is dependant on a minimum of 200 full paying entries

Thanking You

Mick Scroggy   



Race Schedule Dates

Main race to be run the last Sunday in August weather permitting, if main race needs to be postponed this will be done within 48 hours of birds being basketted. With the lead up races these races will be at the Hunter Classic Committees discretion, giving the birds 2 to 3 weeks between races. These races can be postponed at any time if weather is not suitable for a favourable release.


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