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I would like to assure everyone that the Newcastle Hunter Classic will be accepting birds for the 2019 Hunter Classic, there has been a lot of untrue rumours by people that have never been in the Hunter Classic One Loft Race, I would like to thank personally for all the positive remarks on our decision not to run the 2018 Hunter Classic with the committee taking the responsible decision until the vaccine is available. I am just as disappointed about the vaccine not being available in time for the 2018 Hunter Classic as I was really looking forward to the positive changes for the race with the lead up races before the main race.

Thanking You
Mick Scroggy 


Newcastle Hunter Classic 2018 Cancelled

I have spoken to Colin Walker in the last few days to find out as much information I could regarding the Rota Virus Vaccine. Colin has been extremely helpful regarding advice for the Hunter Classic One Loft Race. At this stage the best we can hope for is for the vaccine to be available later in the year possibly around xmas time. We spoke at length about the Rota Virus with birds that have been exposed to the virus to birds that have not as yet been exposed. The biggest concern for the classic committee is what problems there would be for the sqeakers that have not been exposed to the Rota Virus. There are many fliers that want to enter birds in the 2018 classic that have not yet had the Rota Virus, these birds would be at a great risk of possibly contacting the Rota Virus. The unknown question is what deaths would there be with the unexposed birds, would there be high mortality, low mortality no one knows the answer to this. The Classic Committee have to be responsible for the welfare of any birds that are in the Classic loft. The classic committee have made the hard decision to cancel the 2018 classic. We are very disappointed in this situation as I am sure everyone wanting to enter birds for the Hunter Classic is also. Once the vaccine is available I am sure we can all get back to racing our birds in One Loft Races and Breeders Plate Races knowing that our birds are safe. Any one that has money deposited for entries for the 2018 classic can still carry that on as credit for the following years classic.

Thanking you                                                                                                 Mick Scroggy

Update 28/08/17

Newcastle Hunter Classic 2018 

Newcastle Hunter Classic committee had a meeting on the 26/08/17 to discuss the options for the 2018 Hunter Classic. The main point of concern is when will the vaccine be available for the Rota Virus, I have personally spoken to Colin Walker about the problem of exposing incoming birds that have been exposed to the Rota Virus through their parents and they would carry some immunity to the virus with birds that have not been exposed to the Rota Virus, if this situation happens the likely hood would be the sqeakers that have not been exposed as yet could result in a high mortality rate in those birds, this situation is not acceptable for the welfare of the birds. The other concern for the Classic Committee is that when the vaccine does become available it will take approximately 6 weeks before the birds would have full coverage from the Rota Virus. Once the vaccine is available and pigeon owners have vaccinated their stock birds for the Rota Virus all birds that we accept would have coverage from their parents. For us to accept birds for the 2018 Hunter Classic we would need all the birds to have coverage from their parents at least so that when we accept birds we can then vaccinate then for the Rota Virus.  The latest we need the vaccine to be available would be the end of September, this way we could push the acceptance of birds back to the middle of November. If the vaccine is not available by then we would have to cancel the acceptance of birds for the 2018 Hunter Classic. Unfortunately this situation is out of all our hands until a vaccine becomes available. We will not be irresponsible when it comes to the welfare of the birds unlike other one loft races that are still going ahead with their races with no regard for the birds welfare. 

Thanking You                                                                                                 Mick Scroggy



                              Update 3/1/17

Newcastle Hunter Classic 2017

The Newcastle Hunter Classic has been cancelled for 2017. With the current outbreak of a virus in racing pigeons the Classic Committee has come to the conclusion with no definite time frame for a possible vaccine being available it is best to cancel this years race.     

1: 100% of money paid by the owners will be refunded or they can transfer money paid for credit for the following year.

2: The loft has been in total lock down for close to 3 weeks with no health issues.

This decision has not been made lightly but we feel this is the only course of action in the interest of all.

The Hunter Classic Committee wish all pigeon flyers the best of luck with this current situation.



Update 1/1/17

Newcastle Hunter Classic committee will be meeting on Monday 2/1/17 to discuss the current situation with the current virus outbreak and to discuss our options for the 2017 Hunter Classic. The loft is still closed off with no birds being accepted, the current birds in the loft are in good health.

                                                                                                                                    IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION

There has been an outbreak of a highly infectious and deadly disease in states across Australia. Latest laboratory tests have confirmed that it is NOT herpes-virus, adeno virus or pigeon paramyxo virus. Further tests are underway to identify the virus.

Newcastle Hunter Classic One Loft will not be a accepting any more birds at this stage until January the 1/1/17 due to the current unknown outbreak, after this date we will hopefully all know what we are dealing with and make a decision regarding more birds coming into the Hunter Classic One Loft. We will be monitoring the situation and if any thing changes before that time we will advise on this site. All birds in the loft are in good health with no sickness or losses. We appreciate your continued support and understanding of the situation with not accepting birds at this stage. If wishing to enter birds it would be a good idea to vaccinate birds for PPMV1, I am very confident that with any older birds brought to the Loft in January there will be no issue of homing birds to the Hunter Classic One Loft. 

 2017 Hunter Classic

The Newcastle Hunter Classic committee has made some changes for the 2017 Hunter Classic.

There are two main reasons:

To give the owners more opportunities to win prize money.

To have the birds better prepared for the 500km Classic race.

It has been decided to fly three races before the 500km event. These races will be from approximately 100km, 200km and 300km with the Classic birds being liberated with other pigeons if possible to provide cover. We plan on each of the three races having $2,000 prize money to be split between four prizes.

This amount will be dependent upon your continued support (300 birds nominated) but we are confident that we can achieve this.


Total cost of $150 covers three lead up races and the Classic 500km race. $60 per bird payable on nomination and $90 payable when audit done in April/May 2017.


You can nominate one spare for every two nominated birds. $40 to be paid for each spare at the time of nomination. This amount covers costs such as electronic rings, vaccination, health products and general costs such as tossing etc. Most importantly it qualifies the spare to compete for prize money in the three lead up races. A spare bird can replace a lost nominated bird for the 500km Classic at no additional cost.

A spare bird that is not replacing a nominated bird can be activated for the final race by making a payment of $110.


The Benzing electronic timing system will be used to decide the winners of all races.  


We believe that these changes will make for a more interesting event with greater prizemoney available (for a small cost increase) and have birds at peak fitness for the final event.                                                                                

Main Race Prizemoney

1st $10,000, 2nd $2.500, 3rd $1,000, 4th $500.

5th Through to 10th Free entry for the following year race.

Thanking You

Mick Scroggy   


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