Birds liberated from Sawtell lookout at 8:00am in a gusty SSW wind 15kmh, birds left in a Southerly direction. At the liberation point there is 90% high cloud cover.
Update 23/09/19 at 11:15am. Liberator has rung me this morning to report that there is extensive smoke North of Coffs Harbour, I have spoken to the Classic Committee and we have made the decision to liberate the birds tomorrow morning from the Coffs Harbour region. Birds will be released approximately around 8:00am to give any one coming to the race time to arrive. With the predicted winds for tomorrow ranging from SW to SE it will still be a good test for all the birds. With the situation over the past few weeks on the North Coast with fires and smoke it is not an option to bring the birds home for a later release as I am sure we can all appreciate the race can not be put back any longer. I wish every one the best of luck for tomorrows race. 
Mick Scroggy
Ballina Race Postponed untill the 24/09/19

Update 22/09/19 Birds have now been scanned for the last race of the program from Ballina, Birds will arrive in Ballina around mid morning Monday for a Tuesday liberation. Predicted winds for Tuesday are for SE to SW for the entire race with winds ranging from 15 - 25kmh no doubt if these predictions are correct it will be a real test for all the birds. Once again the benzing live will be used to show the arrival of the birds. 
Update 20/09/19 Birds will not be sent to Ballina on Sunday due to unfavourable weather predictions from Port Macquarie to Newcastle. We are now looking at a possible Tuesday liberation, a final decision will be made Sunday morning. Update 19/09/19 A decision regarding this weeks race will be made by tomorrow afternoon, at this stage the weather report is for extensive rain from Newcastle as far as Port Macquarie, if the birds do not go to Ballina for a Sunday race we will have to look at transporting the birds for a mid week race if the weather is suitable. Update 09/09/18 Birds were put back in the loft yesterday afternoon at 3:00pm. Birds were trained this morning as usual with the birds showing no signs of being away for a few days. The  main race will now be on Sunday the 22/09/19 if the weather is not suitable for a liberation or not suitable to transport the birds to Ballina the race will then be on through the week when a suitable day is available for a release. The birds will now be given a toss on Friday with my own birds to give them some cover.
Update 08/09/19 at 6:36am, Birds from Ballina will be brought home, with predictions of winds reaching 40kmh from Kempsey to the Newcastle region and poor visibility in the Mid North Coast areas due to smoke. Tomorrows report isnt much better so it is better to bring the birds home and they will go to Ballina now on the 22/09/19.
Update 07/09/19 Birds have been transported to Ballina, Birds will arrive around 1.00pm where the birds will be fed and watered. Tomorrow's weather report predictions is Ballina Wind WSW 25-35kmh, Coffs Harbour winds westerley 30-45kmh turning SW 25-45kmh later in the morning. Port Macquarie  Mostly sunny winds 25-40kmh turning SW 30-40kmh. Taree Mostly sunny winds westerley 20-25kmh increasing to 30-45kmh then tending SW 25-40kmh. Newcastle winds westerley 25-40kmh decreasing to southerly 25-35kmh.
Pools information, for the main race Sunday 08/09/19. Owners will have up untill 1.00pm to pool their birds then after this time the general public may pool any birds that are available. Pools are $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $30, $50. Any owners that are not coming up or might not be there before 1.00pm can ring me beforehand and I can put the pools on for you. As from the previous Hunter Classic Race there will be know Calcutta run on the Friday night, the plan for the birds will be to basket them up Friday afternoon where they will be then transported to the race point for a Sunday liberation.  

Main Race From Approximately 500klm will be on Sunday 08/09/19
This date is subject to weather conditions.

Update 03/09/19 The last update before the main race this Sunday 08/09/19, Birds are looking and training well, the birds will not be tossed this week leading up to the birds being basketted on Friday. At this stage the weather is predicting strong SW Winds for Sunday from Ballina down to Newcastle this will be a real test for the birds. Update 27/08/19 Birds have recovered well from the hard Sawtell race, the birds will be given a toss tomorrow Wednesday 28/08/19 weather permitting, this toss will be around the 30klm distance. There really is no advantage now to be giving the birds longer tosses from around 60klm as they have had plenty of time on the wing to be well prepared for the upcoming main race. I will put tomorrows toss on here tomorrow night. Update 17/08/19 Just a quick update tonight for todays race, an extremely disappointing result not only for the Hunter Classic birds but many of the Hunter club members with only around 25% of returns for their race and surplus birds. Hopefully there will be a good follow up tomorrow for all our birds. After the Port Macquarie result where we had 85% returns for the Hunter Classic birds only 3 weeks ago who knows what happened to the birds today. I will update the site again tomorrow night with hopefully better news. Update 17/08/19 Hunter Classic birds liberated from Sawtell at 9:00am in Nil wind with 100% blue sky birds left in a southerly direction in one mob.. There is a SE wind most of the way down the coast from 25-35kmh.
Update 16/08/19 Birds are due to be liberated at 9.00am from Sawtell once this is confirmed I will up date the liberation report. Click on the following link to view arrival of birds from Sawtell.
Update 13/08/19 Birds were given a toss today from 35klm today with my own birds. Birds were liberated in a light NW Wind with clear skies, the birds are really leaving the liberation points extremely well with birds not circling and are really on the job. I did think about taking them to 60klm for a toss but with the birds being basketted Thursday to go to Sawtell for a Saturday liberation I was not prepared to take any chances this close to basketting, the birds are working and tossing well and with the program they have had so far they are fit and ready for Sawtell. Update 11/08/19 Todays club toss with the Hunter Classic birds was cancelled due to strong winds up to 50kmh, I will give them a toss on Tuesday with my own birds. The Classic birds are really training and looking well. I will update the results from Tuesdays toss on that night. Update 08/08/19 Birds were given a short toss today with all birds returning in one mob, wind was just to strong to take the birds furthur than the 20klm. When I got back to the loft there were a few birds still out busy chasing the hens, The birds will be now given a toss on Sunday with the club birds from approximately 70klm. The birds are really looking well with all but 3 birds training with the mob. The Benzing live system does not allow me to show the birds as they arrrive in training as the clock has to be in race mode for that to work. Update 31/07/19 After the Port Macquarie race the birds have resumed their training routine with only a couple of birds with injuries after a very good hit out for the birds. The plan will be now to give them a mid week toss either Wednesday or Thursday 7th or 8th August then the birds will be given another toss on Sunday 11th August where they will be released with club birds. The birds that did not go to Old Bar due to injuries are also back in training I will keep a close eye on those birds to make sure they are getting back to their best over the next few weeks.
Port Macquarie 2nd Lead Up Race Saturday 27/07/19
Birds liberated from Port Macquarie at 10:30am in a gusting SSW Wind 15 - 20kmh. All birds were out of sight in 3 minutes in 1 mob in a SSE direction. Birds were liberated with approximately 1000 birds.
The Benzing Live system will be working for the Port Macquarie race this weekend on Saturday 27/07/19. Please go to the link and type in Hunter Classic in the Filter Entries Box, then click on the icon under the filter box to view arrival of the birds.
Update 23/07/19 After the Old Bar race the birds are back into their normal routine with no issues after a good hit out for the birds. This week the birds will be basketed Friday afternoon to be released from Port Macquarie on Saturday, planned liberation time will be 10:30am. Update 11/07/19 Birds will be given a club toss on Sunday from the 70klm distance. Update 09/07/19 1st Lead up race will be on next week from Old Bar approximately 150klm on the 17th or 18th July, if weather is not suitable for these dates the race will be on Sunday 21st July from Old Bar a distance of approximately 150klm weather permitting, with this race the birds will be released with other club birds for cover. The 2nd lead up race will be on Saturday the 27th July from Port Macquarie as long as the scheduled Old Bar takes place on the 17th or 18th July.  
Update 08/07/19 This week the birds will have another toss on Wednesday 10/07/19 with other birds from the Hunter club to give them cover, the birds will then be given another toss on Sunday 14/07/19. Update 07/07/19 We got a club toss in this morning, we were going to take them to the 60klm distance today but with extremely heavy fog we had to bring the birds back to the 40klm distance, even there we had to sit around for 2 hours until the fog cleared enough to release the birds. The results for this toss will be on here Monday night 08/07/16. Update 04/07/19 Weather permitting there will be another club toss for the Classic birds on Sunday 07/07/19....Update 02/07/19 Birds had a toss today from approximately 50klm, I have kept the clock running over night and will put the results on here tomorrow night. I am still waiting for the Benzing live system from Benzing, I have been told I should have it by the 1st week in July. Update 27/06/19 The Classic birds have now had a total of 12 tosses including 3 tosses with my own birds to give them some experience with other birds before the club tosses start, Unfortunately due to the extensive rain last weekend it was not possible to give the birds their 1st club toss last weekend. With the club having 2 races this weekend 29th and 30th June on Saturday and Sunday it will not be possible for the classic birds to have a club toss this coming Sunday, the plan will now be to give them a club toss on Tuesday 02/07/19 the clock will be on for this toss for the owners to view the birds results. Update 20/06/19 The Hunter Classic birds have had 2 tosses this week with my own birds to give them some experience before the club tosses start. I am hoping to give them their 1st club toss on Sunday weather permitting but at this stage it is looking very doubtful with the weather predictions for rain both Saturday and Sunday. If this toss goes ahead I will be starting to use the clock for the owners to view how their birds are going. Update 13/06/19 Birds have had another 3 tosses this week, the plan is that next week they will have another 3 tosses next week except they will be released with my own birds to give them some experience before they go on their 1st Club toss on the 23/06/19. Update 04/06/19 Birds have now started the tossing program with 3 tosses last week. Currently this week in Newcastle we are having gale force winds with heavy extensive rain, hopefully we can start giving the birds another toss on Thursday weather permitting. Update 21/05/19 I have started sending out the accounts for any outstanding money owing I will be doing this over the next few nights. Birds will be starting their tossing as of next week starting on Monday 27/05/19 these will only be short tosses to start with then extending the distance as we start to get the birds ready for the program ahead of them. Update for the Hunter Classic Birds 13/05/19. To view birds in the loft please click on the 2019 Bird list on the main menu. The training of the birds has started with the birds out of the loft around 7.00am every morning. I am hoping to have the Benzing live program working for all the tosses and races so the owners can just download the Benzing live App to their mobile phone.This will allow owners to view all the races to view the perfomance of each bird as it happens. All results will still be downloaded onto the website each night after each race.