Predicted weather for Sawtell Saturday: Sunny winds becoming southerly 25 to 35kmh in the middle of the day. Port Macquarie Saturday: Sunny winds becoming southerly 20 to 30kmh in the middle of the day. Taree Winds ESE 25-35kmh.  Newcastle Saturday: Sunny Winds SSE 25-35kmh.

Hunter Classic birds to be liberated 30 minutes after the C.C.R.P.A. race birds. They will be liberated with approximaely 750 surplus birds.
1st $1,000 M & V Watters,  2nd $600 Bywong Synd G Paterson,  3rd $300 Bywong Synd, G Paterson, 4th $100 P Andrews
Sawtell Basket List.pdf Sawtell Basket List.pdf
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Sawtell Arrival List 3rd Day Birds.pdf Sawtell Arrival List 3rd Day Birds.pdf
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These birds are back in the loft. HEX 29, LM 460, LM 1916
Birds not sent to Sawtell: HEX 30, HEX 49, MAIT 80, NH 159, RHD 404, CRPC 604, LM 1313, AUST 101368
Photos of the birds from Port Macquarie. Thanks to Paul Gibbs for the photos.
Birds liberated from Port Macquarie at 10:30am in a gusting SSW Wind 15 - 20kmh. All birds were out of sight in 3 minutes in 1 mob in a SSE direction. Birds were released with approximately 1000 birds.
Port Macquarie 27/07/19                                                                                                    1st D Hull $1,000, 2nd A & G Agius $600, 3rd Cavill & Primmer $300,                              4th $100 Davis & Jack
Port Macquarie Basket List.pdf Port Macquarie Basket List.pdf
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Port Macquarie Arrivals List.pdf Port Macquarie Arrivals List.pdf
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These birds were not sent to Port Macquarie due to injuries.
HEX 27, HEX 47,  MAIT 80,  SRPF 335,  NH 372,  GYMPIE 384,  CRPC 520,          CRPC 604,  CRPC 628,  LM 1313,  LOWER MURR 1380,  CC 1680,  CRPC 1901,      CC 4081,  CHRPC 8807,  AUST 101368
Old Bar 17/07/19 Approximately 142klm,                                                                          1st Romeike & Harris $1,000. 2nd I Cree $600. 3rd G Davies $300  4th B George $100.

Birds liberated at 10:15am in a light West wind with winds strengthening on the journey home. On arrival birds were returning in small mobs as can be seen on the arrival times.
Birds were still arriving in the dark so hopefully there will be a good follow up tomorrow. 
I will update the arrival list tomorrow night. 
Old Bar Basket List.xlsx.pdf Old Bar Basket List.xlsx.pdf
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Old Bar Results 17th July.xlsx.pdf Old Bar Results 17th July.xlsx.pdf
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These Birds are back in the loft from Old Bar Race
HEX 47
SRPF 335
CRPC 604
NH 677
AUST 101368